45 year old woman finds love on pickleball court

By Joannie S.

I never thought I’d find love again at the age of 45, but that’s exactly what happened when I started playing pickleball.

It all started when my friend Sarah invited me to join her at the local community center for a game of pickleball. I had never heard of it before, but Sarah assured me it was a fun and easy game to play. And she was right. Pickleball is a cross between tennis and ping-pong, played on a smaller court with wooden paddles and a whiffle ball. It’s easy to learn, but challenging to master. And I quickly became hooked.

It wasn’t long before I started going to the community center every day to play pickleball. I loved the camaraderie of the game and the sense of community among the players. We were all there to have fun and get some exercise, and it was a great way to stay active and socialize.

But what I didn’t expect was to find love on the pickleball court. One day, as I was waiting for my turn to play, a man approached me and introduced himself as Jack. He was tall and athletic, with a friendly smile and an easy-going demeanor. We struck up a conversation and I learned that he had been playing pickleball for a few years and was a regular at the community center.

Over the next few weeks, Jack and I started playing pickleball together more and more. We were both competitive, but also enjoyed the social aspect of the game. We would grab a drink or a bite to eat after our matches and chat about our lives and interests. I was surprised at how much we had in common, and how easy it was to talk to him.

As we spent more time together, I started to develop feelings for Jack. I didn’t know if he felt the same way, but I decided to take a chance and ask him out on a real date. To my relief, he said yes.

Our first date was simple but memorable. We went out for pizza and beer, and then took a walk around the neighborhood. We talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. It felt easy and natural, like we had known each other for years.

Over the next few months, Jack and I continued to play pickleball together and go on dates. We went hiking, saw movies, and tried new restaurants. I was amazed at how much fun we had together, and how well we complemented each other’s personalities.

As our relationship deepened, I started to feel like I had found something truly special. Jack was kind, generous, and thoughtful, and he made me feel cherished and appreciated. He was also adventurous and spontaneous, always willing to try new things and take risks. And he had a great sense of humor, which kept me laughing even on the toughest days.

I never thought I would find love again at this stage of my life, but I’m so glad I did. Jack and I are now happily in love, and we still play pickleball together as often as we can. It’s a reminder of how we first met, and of the joy and camaraderie that brought us together.

Jack and I continued to explore new experiences together, and I found myself becoming more adventurous than I ever thought possible. We went on weekend camping trips, tried rock climbing, and even went skydiving together. These experiences were exhilarating, and I loved that we were able to push each other out of our comfort zones.

Despite the challenges we faced along the way, our love for each other only continued to grow stronger. We supported each other through career changes, family illnesses, and other life challenges. Our pickleball games continued to be a constant source of joy and relaxation for us both.

And then, on a warm summer evening at a pickleball tournament, Jack surprised me by getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. I was overjoyed and didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was a perfect moment that I will never forget.

We planned a small and intimate wedding with close friends and family, and it was everything we wanted it to be. The ceremony was held at the same community center where we first met, and we even played a game of pickleball during the reception. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, love, and a lot of happy tears.

Now, several years later, Jack and I still play pickleball together several times a week. We’ve even started teaching the game to our friends and family, and it’s become a bit of a family tradition. And while we’ve faced our share of challenges over the years, we’ve always been able to rely on each other for support and love.

Looking back, I’m grateful for the unexpected journey that brought Jack and me together. It’s a reminder that love can be found in the most unlikely of places, and that it’s never too late to take a chance on happiness. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us, and I know that whatever challenges we face, we’ll face them together. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll even start a pickleball league of our own.


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