Keeping active with Pickleball

There seems to be some debate regarding the specific exercise/health benefits of pickleball. We are not really sure why, but rest assured, we will report on this in future posts. Meanwhile, there can really be no question about the sample observation that pickleball is a great way to say active for people of all ages, especially older folks who may simply lack the interest in doing more mundane activities like walking.

This point is discussed in this article Staying active with the growing sport pickleball, pointing out that “Pickleball – a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong can be played by almost anybody, whether you are a beginner or have played it for years.”

The story goes on to report on a disturbing trend that many pickleball players are starting to encounter with greater frequency: ““Finding places to play is becoming more and more difficult because there’s so many people. I was at Terry Redlin last night and there was almost 15 people waiting to play on six courts, so it is really expanded like I said, and a lot of younger people are starting to play,” Marlette said.

Nonetheless, whatever the obstacles, the benefits make the effort worthwhile: “And regardless of your age, it is a great way to stay active.

“So much research has continuously shown that any movement is good. Whether it’s for brain health Whether it’s for reducing your fall risk or avoiding injury. Whether it’s just for our mental health, improving that. So it’s so important to be active and moving,” Donelan said.

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