Major League Pickleball and VIBE League merge

There’s a limit to how many leagues any sport can accommodate, and while still very young, apparently, Pickleball entrepreneurs are getting the message.  According to this CNBC story, a new league called “VIBE” is merging with Major League Pickleball. “Two rival pickleball leagues with big-time backers are joining forces.”

It’s probably a positive development for pickleball fans. Concentration of players and tournaments makes for better, and more easily followed competition.

According to the story: “We have agreed to agreed to a strategic merger to unify the sport of pickleball as a global, co-ed, team-based league featuring the greatest players, biggest events, and visionary owners, MLP founder Steve Kuhn and PPA co-founder Tom Dundon said in a joint statement.

The two parties involved in the merger point out: “Coming together as one team league allows us to build much bigger events, offer more prize money, enhance player development, pursue larger media and sponsorship deals and, most importantly, grow the game we all love,” the statement said.


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