Pickleball becomes commercialized

Maybe the incredible rush to sell and commercialize pickleball is OK with you, and maybe not, but it does not sit that well with The Atlantic: America Has Made a Monster Out of Pickleball.

The article points out that “Pickleball might have gladly remained in the capable hands of its amateur paddlers. But somewhere along the way, this innocuous, mildly paced, favored-by-retirees sport was swept into a maelstrom of commercialization.”

And who can argue?

The article sums it by pointing out the inevitable for a sport that just won’t stop growing:

“In the end, pickleball, the brunch of racquet sports, has been celebrated, maligned, avoided, and exploited. It’s a cash cow. Pickleball societies and Chicken N Pickles and major league–endorsed memes abound to point to as proof.”

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